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Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Automated and centralised Advanced Security


The Solution

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is an innovative cybersecurity solution for desktops, laptops and servers, delivered from the cloud. It automates the prevention, detection, containment and response against any present or future advanced attacks, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, memory exploits and malwareless attacks, inside and outside the corporate network.

It differs from other solutions in that it combines the widest range of protection technologies (EPP) with automated EDR capabilities, thanks to one service managed by Panda Security experts, and delivered as feature of the solution:

Panda Adaptive Defense the solution

Thanks to its cloud architecture, the agent is light and does not impact the performance of endpoints, which are managed through a single cloud console, even when not connected to the Internet.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 integrates Cloud Protection and Management Platforms (Aether), which maximise prevention, detection and automated response, minimising the effort required.

The value of this advanced cybersecurity managed service is based on these four principles:

Prevention, Detection and Response

for malware and malwareless attacks, under a single agent.

Real time and Historical Visibility

of all endpoint activity with highly detailed information.

100% Classification of Processes

99.98% by machine learning, 0.02% by Panda's malware experts.

Forensic Analysis

led by Panda Security and MSSP's expert analysts.


Simplifies and minimizes the cost of advanced and adaptive security

Its managed services reduce the cost of expert personnel. There are no false alarms, no responsibility is delegated.
The managed services learn automatically from the threats. No time is wasted with manual settings.
Maximum prevention on endpoints. Operating costs are reduced practically to zero.
There is no management infrastructure to install, configure or maintain.
Endpoint performance is not impacted as it is based on a lightweight agent and cloud architecture

Automates and reduces detection and exposure time (Dwell Time)

Prevents the running of threats, zero-day malware, ransomware and phishing. 
Detects and blocks malicious activity in memory (exploits), before it can cause damage. 
Detects malicious processes that slip past preventive measures. 
Detects and blocks hacking techniques and procedures.

Automates and reduces response and investigation time

Automatic and transparent remediation.
Recovery of endpoint activity – immediate recovery of normal activity. 
Actionable insights into attackers and their activity, speeding up forensic investigation. 
Helps reduce the attack surface. Supports improvement to security posture and maturity.

Optional Modules

Panda Patch Management

Panda Patch Management is an intuitive solution for managing vulnerabilities in operating systems and third-party applications on Windows endpoints and servers. The result is a reduced attack surface, strengthening preventive capabilities and incident containment.

Patch Management
Patch Management DATASHEET

Panda Data Control

Panda Data Control discovers, audits and monitors unstructured sensitive or personal data on endpoints: from data at rest to data in use and data in motion.

Data Control


Panda Advanced Reporting Tool

Reporting platform automates the correlation of the information generated by the execution of processes and applications on protected endpoints and their context, which Panda Adaptive Defense 360 collects and enriches in the Cloud Protection Platform.

Panda Advanced Reporting Tool automatically generates intelligence on organisation activity and enables the searching, correlation and configuration of alerts regarding events.

Advanced Reporting Tool


Panda Full Encryption

One of the most efficient ways to minimize data exposure is to automatically encrypt the hard disks of desktops, laptops and servers, in order to ensure data access is secure and compliant with the authentication mechanisms implemented.

Panda Full Encryption leverages BitLocker, a proven and stable Microsoft technology, to encrypt and decrypt disks without impacting end users and providing organizations with the added value of centrally controlling and managing the recovery keys stored on Panda Security’s cloud-based management platform, Aether.

Full Encryption


The SIEM Feeder module sends to organisations, in real time, the events collected on endpoints and enriched with security intelligence in the Cloud Protection Platform so it can be integrated in the corporate SIEM.