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Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software

With Freshdesk, you can…

Streamline all your customer conversations in one place

Automate your repetitive work and save time

Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster

and much more...

Email isn’t built to handle customer support

Don’t let emails slip through the cracks. With Freshdesk, you can track issues, prioritize them and work with your team to resolve them faster.


Why do shared inboxes fail?

Using email for customer support is difficult. You require complex folder structures or colour-coded tags to track issues, and as ticket volumes increase, collaboration becomes a nightmare.

Before long, managing multiple mailboxes for different teams and products causes your efficiency to take the hit.

Here’s how a helpdesk makes customer support easier

With Freshdesk, you can track, prioritize and follow-up on customer requests from one place. This will help your support team deliver faster, more efficient customer service.

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Do more with your email support

Automate workflows for efficiency

Automate tasks like tagging and assigning tickets so you can focus on fixing your customers’ problems.

Set targets for ticket resolution

Define service level targets to make sure your agents send timely responses to every issue that comes in.

Collaborate to resolve issues faster

Get help on issues from teammates even as you work on tickets, with Freshdesk’s in-built discussion pane.

Support customers wherever they are

Let customers reach out to you where they feel comfortable - be it email, social media or your website.

Stay informed with notifications

Get notifications for important events within the helpdesk and be alerted even if you’re not at your desk.

Use data to drive decisions

Track the right metrics to understand how quickly your team is resolving issues or when they’re the busiest.

Why switch to Freshdesk

Collaboration shouldn’t happen outside your helpdesk

It slows you down, and slower responses = unhappy customers.

Most team conversations get lost in other chat tools. We think they should happen right inside your ticket. Get all the context you need to solve customer issues quickly with Freshconnect.

Make it really easy for your internal teams to work with each other within your helpdesk. Avoid reassignment of tickets by sharing ownership with all the agents involved.

Read more on collaboration

Your helpdesk shouldn’t make you sound impersonal and robotic

Customise your ticket forms, agent responses and support portals to look and sound exactly the way you want, so that your customers remember you for the unique experience you provide.

Route customers to agents with the right expertise. Use multiple business hours and our multilingual capabilities to personalise your support for customers around the globe.

Ready to move from chaos to control?

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