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Pay up, or forget your Google ads revenue!

Email-based extortion scheme targets website owners serving banner ads through Google AdSense

An email-based extortion scheme is demanding bitcoins from website owners who serve banner ads through Google’s AdSense programme, reported security researcher Brian Kerbs. Perpetrators of the scam threaten to flood the publisher’s ads with malware and junk traffic, forcing Google’s automated anti-fraud systems to suspend the user’s AdSense account for suspicious traffic.

SC Magazine - 18th Feb 2020

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Council Staff Revert To Pen And Paper Following ‘Cyber-Attack’

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council online services offline for more than a week following incident that experts call a likely ransomware incident

A local council has confirmed that an outage of its online services lasting more than a week was caused by a cyber-attack.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council said the cause of the outage “appears to be a cyberattack on the council’s IT servers”.

Earlier last week the council had said it was experiencing an “issue with our IT system” that meant it was working at a reduced capacity.

Silicon.co.uk - 17th Feb 2020

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Microsoft Kills Glitchy Security Update Due To Reboot Problems

Update aimed to fix security issue with UEFI boot managers, but some users said they were left unable to reboot their systems or with reset user profiles

Microsoft has taken the unusual step of permanently revoking a Windows 10 security update after it caused issues with a “sub-set of devices”.

The update, KB4524244, was released on 11 February as part of Microsoft’s normally scheduled Patch Tuesday release, but the company revoked it late on Friday.

“This standalone security update has been removed due to an issue affecting a sub-set of devices,” Microsoft said in an advisory.

Silicon.co.uk - 17th Feb 2020

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IOTA Cryptocurrency Still Offline Following Heists

IOTA fixes bug in desktop cryptocurrency wallet after crooks make off with more than $1m, but network has remained offline since last week

The IOTA Foundation has released a new version of its Trinity desktop cryptocurrency wallet, fixing bugs thought to have been used to steal more than $1 million (£770,000) worth of IOTA currency last week.

The theft prompted IOTA to effectively take the entire cryptocurrency offline, and it remained offline as of early Monday morning as the organisation finalised its remediation plan.

Silicon.co.uk - 17th Feb 2020

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Every voter in Israel has data exposed; PM's party uploads data registry

The personal information of all Israeli voters was available online, after PM Netanyahu’s Likud party uploaded the full register on election campaign management app Elector

The personal information of all Israeli voters was available online, after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party uploaded the full register on an election campaign management app, reported Israeli daily Haaretz.

Details such as names and gender, addresses and phone numbers, identity card numbers etc of more than six million citizens was left online, after the Likud uploaded them to the Elector app.

SC Magazine - 10th Feb 2020

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US Charges Four Chinese Military Officials Over Equifax Hack

The US Department of Justice has charged four Chinese military hackers with carrying out the 2017 breach of Equifax credit agency

The United States has charged four Chinese military hackers over the highly damaging breach of the Equifax credit reporting agency.

It was back in September 2017 when Equifax revealed the breach to the world, which had resulted in the theft of sensitive data (names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth etc) belonging to 143 million US consumers (and 15.2 million British citizens).

Silicon.co.uk - 11th Feb 2020

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Critical ‘BlueFrag’ Bluetooth Vulnerability In Older Android OS

Security researchers ERNW identity critical vulnerability affecting the Android Bluetooth subsystem, which it is calling ‘BlueFrag’

Android users are being warned of a critical security flaw with Bluetooth that has the potential for malware infection and data theft.

By exploiting the ‘BlueFrag’ flaw, attackers can deliver malware to and steal data from nearby phones running Android 8 Oreo or Android 9 Pie, security researchers from ERNW have stated.

Silicon.co.uk - 10th Feb 2020

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Getting bigger all the time: The top 10 data breach penalties

SC Media UK has collated the top 10 data breach penalties awarded in the last two years, with GDPR just starting to bite, resulting in fines growing by orders of magnitude.

2019 saw legal mechanisms across the world -- particularly in the western hemisphere -- flexing their muscles to discipline corporations and organisations that were complacent in cyber-security. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force across the European Union - and all territories managing EU citizens' data - in May 2018 was a game-changer.

SC Magazine - 1st Feb 2020

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United Nations Covered Up Hack – Report

Hack compromised 20 admin accounts and malware was implanted on 40 servers, but the UN opted to cover up the cybersecurity attack

The United Nations was apparently hacked in 2019 but chose to cover up the cybersecurity incident.

This is the claim after an investigation by The New Humanitarian (NH), after it allegedly came across a confidential report about the UN Networks and databases which had been severely compromised last year.

Silicon.co.uk - 30th Jan 2020

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Travelex Finally Restores Money Transfers

It only took a month to sort out. Currency trader back online and no longer relying on pen and paper for currency transactions

Foreign-currency seller Travelex UK is finally back online after nearly a month of disruption caused by a crippling ransomware attack.

The British website hosted a statement saying that Travelex’s UK International Money Transfer Service, as well as Travelex Wire, is now “fully operational.”

Silicon.co.uk - 28th Jan 2020

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